When I was a kid, I had the most beautiful, long, naturally blond hair and everyone was always telling me how great it was. I have been told that, upon hearing the compliment, I would toss my head back so it flowed as I said, "Thank you." Very glamorous, indeed.


As a teenager, all I wanted to do was cut it all off! My family and friends protested wondering how could I think of cutting my long, beautiful hair; I did as I was told and didn't cut it.


However, this desire to transform became greater and I started daydreaming about the other things I would do if I could. Since i couldn't change my hair, I started playing with makeup instead.


This is when I fell in love with the transformation that can happen on the inside when you do something to change your outside.


Thus began a lifelong devotion to the Art of Beauty.


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It's about transformation.